The WCSNE-2024 Programme will be available on the 1st of September, 2024.


Format of Presentations

Paper sessions will consist of three to four presentations in each session. The session will be divided equally between the presenters. Each presenter will be expected to have the presentation slides in Microsoft Power Point saved in USB. Each presentation should not take more than 20 minutes including question time.

Workshop presentations will be given a full 1 hour 30 minute session. The style of the presentation depends on the organiser(s). Some workshops may contain paper presentation, while others may base their workshop on recent research breaking ground outcome in the form of discussion, or exploratory research work. The following resources will be available for presentations: laptops, projectors and screens.

Virtual Presentation (Video Conferencing)

We understand that some presenters will not be able to make the trip to Oxford to present their research paper or work in progress, due to financial and/or political restrictions on travel. The WCSNE-2024 has instituted a virtual presentation system to allow the authors of accepted papers the same publication opportunities as regular presenters. A research works submitted without the participant attending the conference in person, but presented via video conferencing are refereed and published (if accepted) in the conference proceedings. The following resources will be available for presentations: flipcharts, laptops, projectors and screens.